Thunder, blunders, and wonder

After a good night sleep at Steve’s friend Linda’s house, we drank 3 pots of coffee and watched it pouring rain while looking at the weather report showing “partly cloudy “. We played with Linda’s kitten named “cheddar” while we eagerly waited for the rain to let up. Within the first 10 minutes of riding, Steve got 2 flats! We tested some bike paths/routes across Seattle using google maps to eventually get to REI to pick up our bib numbers and tyvek rain jackets. We rode thru “little Saigon ” and other international neighborhoods. 29.6 miles according to Tomorrow, we start the official ride day 1 from University of Washington to the town of Centralia. Special thanks to Linda for picking us up late at night, and her hospitality, food and good conversation.

Cheddar the kitten
A flat start
Thankfully the I90 bridge into Seattle has a protected bike path
We made it downtown to check out some sights
Jacket made of Tyvek as part of entry price

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  1. Hey guys, it was really great to visit with you, however brief! Thanks again for dinner and I hope today is going well for you. Looking forward to reading about your adventures. And don’t worry about me making it home after dropping you off last night, I’m already almost 7 1/2 blocks away and word on the street is when the road workers come back on Monday they might bring us some 7-11 coffee. =)

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