Day 9: Chilling in Salida

We got my prescribed medicine for altitude sickness and nausea and went to breakfast downtown. Riverside Park was a good way to people watch for hours. On one walk back to our motel, we met a local electric meter reader named Mark and we chatted. The conversation started with his dog stick with a tennis ball end just in case dogs went after him. He told us the town has grown and evolved faster recently with all the folks being able to work at remotely from home. He said mountain bikers and trail hikers flock here.

We made some adjustments to the route to be a bit easier and to keep on schedule. Hopefully two days rest is enough for me to continue on our adventure today. I’ll keep you posted.

The Arkansas River running thru town
This Mercury Monterey caught my eye
Hanging out with Stephen in Riverside Park
On the bridge looking upstream

4 Replies to “Day 9: Chilling in Salida”

  1. I hope you’re recovered, or at least recovering, Mike – that sounds like tons of no fun.

    (And as an aside, this page asks me to complete the Captcha before I can post, but there’s no Captcha to complete. This happened before and I just submitted again. If you see this, that’s working – but it ain’t right..)

  2. Vic — I had the same problem when I tried to post a comment on Day Two of the trip. It took 24 hours before it finally worked. Weird. Where’s my IT Guy? And my back-up IT Guy? Oh, yeah — on this trip!! LOL… ;o)

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