Day 10: Major Headwinds

We rode 48 miles from Salida to Seguache.

Heidi and her tiny dog Max were also early risers at the motel. We had our breakfast at the Little Red Hen Bakery. A bagel egg sandwich…mmm.

The wind started early as we rode up 7 mile hill of Poncha Pass. It was even windier on the other side. I suppose because the quite bare valley had almost nothing to stop it. The sad town of Villa Grove was our lunch stop.

Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa was a magnet for Brent. He had to stop of course. We continued on and promised to meet at dinner. Cindy at the Oasis restaurant fed us nice big burgers and we collapsed on our beds at the Big Valley Motel. It was an exhausting day with all the wind.

There’s much debate about the pronunciation and meaning of the word Saguache but most agree it’s from the Ute tribe.

2 Replies to “Day 10: Major Headwinds”

  1. Glad you’re feeling better Mike.

    As for Seguache, you’re in a part of the country where they pronounce “Pierre” as “Peer” (capital of South Dakota) so Seguache might be pronounced as anything.

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