Day 11: say “Del Nort” (not Del Norte)

It seems quite common here to put your towns initial on the hillside. We rode by the “S” on our way out of town. We had a few hours before the wind started.

While stopped at a trailhead/rest stop we chatted with Brenda* and her dog Shelby from Denver. She grew up in Moorpark (small world).

We fought more headwinds on the way into Del Norte. We could see the “D” on the hillside. 3 towns in a row! Lunch was at the Colorado Grille on main street.

We went to the town hall and got permission to camp in the river front park. The river is quite powerful and swift.

The official town definition
The Rio Grande starts here!
My first soft serve on this trip
With permission from police. We can camp in the river front park
Another Rio Grande view

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