Day 7 & 8: Back to Salida

I try to stay away from hospitals but I got sick somehow. I think the windy day on dirt roads for 51 miles took a toll on me. I had stomach cramps and low energy on Saturday morning but I kept on riding up to Marshall Pass. I thought I could work through it but I was wrong – it kept getting worse. So, we rode back to Salida and I checked myself in at the Heart of the Rockies medical center. I’m thankful to all the friendly people that helped me: Lisa, Charles, Carley, Joni, Patrick, and Baylee. I got blood tests and an EKG and a saline drip. Patrick’s diagnosis was mild dehydration and altitude sickness. I was mystified a bit because I felt fine for the 7 prior days in high altitude. The Dr. said it’s probably the combination of fatigue and altitude.

So, we decided to rest for 2 days in Salida and modify the remaining route to stay on schedule.

As you know, I like to mention all the interesting people we meet on these trips and we met Amy and her Burnese mountain dog named Cooper. She has a second dog giving birth to 11 puppies today. She offered to drive us back to Salida or even borrow her car – amazing!

Sorry I don’t have more photos. Just this sad photo of me in the hospital.

Napping while getting my saline drip

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  1. Hope you’re feeling better by the time you read this Mike! I’m enjoying following along on your trip.

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