Day 6: Battling the Wind

We ate breakfast at the saloon in Hartsel. I had a dish called the “Choo Choo” because it was one pancake, one egg, and one strip of bacon. I guess it was two wheel shaped circles on top of a line hence drawing a train.

The prairie we rode thru got windy right away and stayed windy all day. It was definitely hard to be patient and not “fight it” and get frustrated. But it’s all part of this gig. At least it wasn’t raining.

We kept thinking about the people living out on this very remote road with a mile between your nearest neighbor. We hardly saw any cows and guessed the grass/plants just didn’t make it practical.

The town of Salida reminded me of San Luis Obispo for some reason even though it doesn’t have a college.

Wide expanse of the prairie
Over the last hill to Salida
Finally we made it

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