Day 5: Dream Stream

We rode out of the mountain top and into the prairie-like flat lands. The town of Como looked like a ghost town but the signs and some of the buildings told a story of Italian immigrants that settled here in the 1870s and worked the busy railroad with over 100 workers in the turntable/roundhouse. They named it Como after Lake Como in their native Italy.

Elkhorn road was fantastic wide open vistas because of its green carpet from recent rains and it sheer vastness. We finally arrived in Hartsel, eager to have the pizza we had heard about from other riders. Shelly fed us well with delicious woodfired pizza. When we asked about camping she suggested the Hartsel Ranch (under new ownership) and the owner was inside also eating lunch.

Hayden, the operator offered us camping by the stream and showers and water, firepit, and a barn. He even set up chairs by the stream and a 12 pack of beers. This downsized ranch apparently is approximately 1000 acres but used to be 200,000 acres. The stream was the highlight of his plan to offer guided fly fishing here.

A dream stream in our eyes for sure.

Como looks like a ghost town
Railroad turntable story
Elkhorn road to Hartsel
Vast vistas
Pizza lunch in Hartsel
Stephen fixing his flat and I got stung by a wasp
The “dream stream” at Hartsel Ranch

2 Replies to “Day 5: Dream Stream”

  1. When I start to wonder why you guys have taken on such a journey, I’ll remember that last photo and say: oh yeah, I get it. Wasps notwithstanding.

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