Day 8/9: DAMP

Yesterday everything was wet. Today everything is damp.

To pass the time yesterday, we held a photo shoot of our glamorous camping amenities from inside the tent. 

When the rain let up a bit, Steve stoked a sputtering fire and barbecued chicken while Jackie cooked up pasta and veggies. It was a 5 star meal. We impressed ourselves. Of course the culinary genius award really should be given to Judy, who packed us 7 gourmet spice kits before the trip. We love you so much Judy/Mama.

The Menu:

Roasted chicken drumsticks with a Ground Coriander and Fennel Pollen Rub

Zaatar seasoned shiitake and zucchini sautée with Vermicelli

Today we head Northwest to Brentwood Bay where we’ll catch a ferry to Mill Bay on mainland Vancouver Island. The day’s destination is the Kinsol Trestle in the Cowichan Valley. Pictures to come!

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  1. Hi Mike, It’s great getting these emails. My email host is back online; sorry for the rejects. -Dave

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