Day 22: Bikeless in Seattle

Early morning crows, along with boisterous teenagers (dangnabbit!) laughing on the shores of Fay-Bainbridge Beach Park, awoke Steve prematurely to a lovely day. Jackie was woken much more pleasantly to a quick fire, and water already boiled for coffee. Steve … Read the rest

Day 9: Thankful

Things we are thankful for:


Good coffee and good coffee shops and good wifi 

Well-groomed Interurban bike paths

Sea salt caramel ice cream

Beautiful ferry rides (specifically the ferry from Brentwood Bay, Victoria to Mill Bay, Vancouver Island mainland)… Read the rest

Day 8/9: DAMP

Yesterday everything was wet. Today everything is damp.

To pass the time yesterday, we held a photo shoot of our glamorous camping amenities from inside the tent. 

When the rain let up a bit, Steve stoked a sputtering fire and … Read the rest

Day 7/8: sun/rain

Day 7 was lovely. We woke up slowly, rode at a leisurely pace, and took frequent stops around town . Our route took us 37 miles from Ocean View Campground, down along the coastal Lachside trail to University of Victoria, … Read the rest