Day 84: Trail People

We said goodbye to the Canadian cyclists at the campground and continued on the last day of this trail (Palouse to Cascade trail).

We met lots of people today:

We met ~8 thru hikers from Mexico to Canada. Amazing! They cheered us on.

We met Rob and Vince on their overnighter. Vince’s first if I recall. We were envious of their wider tires.

We met Tanya and Jay from Olympia on a day ride. They had lots of curiosity questions. Tanya even asked how much weight I lost. I jokingly told her I gained 1 pound because I honestly don’t know with all the greasy spoon breakfasts and ice cream.

We met Aaron from Kentucky now living in Eugene out on a day ride. Because he was young, we gave him lots of advice on work/life/bike balance.

I never get tired of this type of scenery…lots of trees, creeks, lakes, steep hills, etc.

In a few days we will be starting Olympic peninsula in order to finish our trip at the town of La Push, Washington. (Near Forks)

Spooky yard art
It’s hard to keep your eye on the trail with views like these
I-90 on the other side of this lake
Active tracks cross cross our trail
Like a postcard
Rob and Vince on an overnighter
Aaron out for a day ride
Our groovy motel room in the town of North Bend (some of TVs Twin Peaks was filmed in this town)
Similar to Hiawatha trail
Snoqualmie tunnel is our longest tunnel at 2.2 miles

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