Day 85: “Squak Valley“

We ate breakfast at the North Bend Bakery. It was a small burrito, but we only have to ride about 24 miles. We’re staying at Steve’s friend Linda’s home tonight in Issaquah which according to this article was “Squak Valley” because of the bird sounds.

Anyway, we first had to go to a bike store to get a cardboard bike box for when Steve ships his bike home and also try to fix his brakes. We found a friendly Trek bike store on Front Street. They had a nice area in their store with a bike stand and tools they let us use. I was proud of myself for fixing Steve’s rear disc brake caliper and I was glad I brought some fresh brake pads.

For those of you who know Seattle area, you probably know there are lots of hills. As Steve and I tell each other, “good thing we’ve been training 80+ days for this”.

While Linda was finishing her workday, we hung out at the bar at Chan’s Place and talked with a few locals.

Tomorrow we’ll take a rest day before we take the ferry over to the Olympic Peninsula to join our friend “Bellingham Bob” for the final 3-4 days.

History of logging near North Bend
Along the bike trail to Issaquah. 6 dogs!
Downtown Issaquah on Front Street
Funny signs at lunch restaurant

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  1. I think I can feel your anticipation of the ocean. Slow these last days down if you can, as soon this epic adventure will be (just) a memory. So excited for you guys and all the folks that got to meet you.

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