Day 80: John and Kathy

Christine, neighbor of Cheryl, came over to chat and say goodbye. Last night a local named Jon gave us a watermelon and we ate it with help from Christine’s knife. It’s hydration of some sort.

We rode the rail trail for 22 miles into the town of Warden. We chose Grampy’s burgers since we like to support the mom & pop places instead of the chains; in this case Subway. Their sign said their everything burger had the kitchen sink. Indeed it did. We got a food coma.

We chose the Pothole State park (apparently potholes are ancient rock formations in this area) for camping and rolled in through their sprinklers to cool off. Apparently nearby campers John and Kathy saw us and Kathy came over to offer snacks and a cold drink. John rode cross country in 2011 with his friend in 41 days. Super impressive! We shared lots of stories and he gave us tips since he rode so many of Washington’s roads.

They gave us an IPA, potato chips, mocha, canned peaches, cheese slices and plenty of cold waters. Thanks John and Kathy!

Lake near campground
Launch ramp
Dam on reservoir

6 Replies to “Day 80: John and Kathy”

  1. Is your total # of ride days targeting 90?
    What is your last town?
    Do you take the train to SB when you hit the coast? ????????

  2. I heard that Neil Young, “Heart of Gold” playing in the background on the second video. Reminds me of The “KOA Karaoke” at Niagara Falls.

  3. Keep up the great work guys ! A trip of a lifetime for sure . Glad we met you ! John and Kathy Hatcher , Spokane WA

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