Day 79: Lind

We gladly left smoky Revere and rode to Ritzville for breakfast. We rode into town near a golf course and asked a man in a golf cart for a restaurant suggestion. He said “go to my golf course clubhouse!”. Lisa took good care of us and was shocked at how much water we drank. After we told her of our plans to ride to the town of Lind she mentioned they are having a potluck fundraiser for the people who lost their homes in a recent fire.

We rode into the park and we were immediately welcomed by Cheryl who offered to let us camp at her house since the current mayor doesn’t allow it. We gave a donation and ate lots of delicious varieties of food. We talked with a guy running for sheriff and other local candidates. After the barbecue, we offered to fold up and load up the picnic tables to take to storage. Cheryl and her husband invited us to their bar where we met their daughter Brett and lots of other locals like Brad and Dave.

We set up camp in the shade of their back yard and played with their dogs Boot, George and Swiffer.

Lind is famous for their demolition derby with combines
Yard art near Ritzville
More yard art
Lovable Boots
Made in the shade
Cheryl and Jim’s bar
Funny sign

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  1. I love the running dialogue and all of the generousity of the people who you guys are meeeting along the way. Please just keep riding, I am hooked on my daily update.

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