Day 69: 38 miles per burrito

Last night a local named Mary suggested we get breakfast at the hardware store in town. We had to try it. Charity made us some tasty burritos for sure. She bought the store from her mom 8 years ago and does all the ordering herself. She has a huge variety and it looks like an old fashioned general store. It was the best burrito we had on this trip so far. Thanks Charity.

Since we were going into Rock Creek area with no restaurants, we got some camp food at the market in Philipsburg. We talked to half a dozen people out front. One lady was a retired nurse but before that, she said she worked in the missile silos in the late seventies and early eighties.

We climbed the 5 mile hill out of Philipsburg and enjoyed the downhill on the other side. At the start of Rock Creek road I noticed a new sign and flag on a bridge. A local 22 year old soldier Kyle was killed by an IED. His neighbor Jerry told us the story. Jerry seemed like the greeter for Rock Creek Road. He has several horses and 2 excitable dogs. We marveled at his 15 cords of wood he has ready for next winter.

We chose Bighorn campground for our destination.

Thanks Charity for the burritos
Thanks Philipsburg
Local soldier memorial
Jerry the Rock Creek Greeter
Rock Creek
Creekside campsite

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