Day 71: out of the woods

It was a easy, peaceful ride out of Rock Creek. When we saw the “Home cook’n “ sign, we had to stop. Surely it was better than the gas station we were headed to back at I-90.

Kat with a K was the happiest waiter I’ve seen on this trip. She told us her story of her motorcycle trip across America. I was also impressed with her fishing and hunting stories. On top of that, it was a tasty breakfast.

Unfortunately we had to ride on I-90 for 5 miles but after that we were able to ride nice roads into Missoula. We even rode the Kim Williams dirt trail by the river right into downtown. I tried requesting WarmShowers from 6 hosts but no luck. I was craving an Italian deli sandwich so we went to Tagliare Deli. We had a nice chat with locals Drew and Isabella. Drew suggested we have breakfast at Catalyst and get “the heap”.

We went to Adventure Cycling Association HQ and got a nice tour from Emma and even a free coke and ice cream. While looking at the photos on their wall,I spotted my nephew and friend John SB (see photos).

We even saw Andreas again (last seen in Yellowstone). We got a room at Travelodge for the night. We sampled beers at Tamarack and Cranky Sam’s and debated where to get a pizza dinner Bridge or Biga. We chose Bridge because we went to Biga last year on our ride.

We couldn’t resist getting ice cream and one nice lady even offered to buy us ice cream when she heard about our trip. Very nice!

Kat with a K
Brent had trout and eggs as one does in Troutland
Welcome words
I was impressed by the quality and cleverness. the eye is a keyhole!
Brent blends in
Hey…I know those people!!!

2 Replies to “Day 71: out of the woods”

  1. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your journey. I’d say “jealous,” but honestly? Nope. Too much riding, too much camping for this old guy’s muscles and bones. Very cool that you’re doing this.

    Coffee is on me when you get back (even though technically it’s your turn.)

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