Day 70: It takes a village

Sorry for the missed day – we were out of cell phone service.

We had an easy day of 18 miles riding on Rock Creek Road so we had plenty of time to chill, dip in the creek, sing, and meet our neighbors in the campground.

Troy the homemade trailer guy and his wife and dog Lowky are waiting for their 3 year old grandson to visit. They will have to watch him carefully as they are on a cliff overlooking the creek.

Shawn and Susan are recovering from 3 days of music festivals including the Sweet Pea festival in Bozeman.

Chris, the life insurance salesman from Minneapolis was fishing and visiting some of his 7 cousins in Montana.

Lisa and Tina and their dog Lolo are from Missoula are learning how to set up their new tent.

Larry the loud generator guy with the large truck was happy when we told him we were staying only 1 night (he wanted our campsite).

Some of them gave us beers or beverages and all of them told us their stories.

Hanging around camp
Dip as needed
Buena vistas
Riding Rock Creek Road
Hanging the food bag from the bears
I’m surprised the forest service did this project

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