Day 65: rest/rain day in Bozeman

For me, rain in a tent is fine but strong winds makes it hard for me to sleep. I didn’t expect rain and cold but I’m a weather wimp. Tasty huevos rancheros in the warm Cat Eye cafe put me in better spirits. Since the restaurant had a line of people waiting, they couldn’t let us sit and hang out so we rode near downtown and visited a nice bakery.

We then went to the tea house on Main Street to watch the annual Sweet Pea parade as part of the arts festival. Back in the day Bozeman grew and canned lots of sweet peas and it was their harvest festival. They switched it over to an arts festival.

While Brent and I watched the parade, Steve had a coffee and visited with a long time friend that lives here in town.

We all decided to upgrade from the Walmart camping to the Quality Inn. I think it’s been 7 days since my last proper shower and laundry. Not counting the river swims etc.

We rode over to Bridger brewery near Montana State University for lunch and libation. After some relaxation and charging at the hotel, we walked next door to eat dinner at Fiesta Mexicana in the spirit of Santa Barbara’s Fiesta.

One of the many signs in Cat Eye Cafe
Abuse of Walmart free camping. Some have been here for weeks/months.
Wide selection at bakery requires pano shot
Look carefully at the unicycle rider
Reminds me of Summer Solstice parade minus the rain
Steve and longtime friend
Random building on MSU, home of the Wildcats

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