Day 66: the Caverns

It was a luxury to not have to pack up and fix breakfast when you stay at a motel.

We rode the frontage roads thru several small towns next to I-90 which was nice and calm. We even saw high school cross country skiing team training on roller skis. We got to highway 2 which got us to our destination of Lewis & Clark Cavern state park.

I think the name is a bit of a misnomer since L&C didn’t discover the caves. Some local hunters in the winter saw the steam clouds coming from the entrance. A guy named Morrison was the first person to give tours and promote it nationwide. The railroad claimed it was their property and won in court. Of course they weren’t focused on tours so they gave it to the feds. For 24 years the feds kept it locked up but with no enforcement. Morrison cut the fed lock off each year and still gave tours on the sly. The feds finally gave the land to the state and the state got help from the CCC to fix it up for better tours. It was an amazing tour. Our tour guide was Jim, a retired elementary school teacher so he knew how to entertain the kids in our tour.

Pit stop in Tiny town of Manhattan
When Jesus is on your team then God is on your side
Rockin River concert starts here tomorrow. 30+ bands
Looks like high school cross country skiing training
I rode up 1200 ft to the start of the caves
Good 3D drawing overview
Interesting history
Lots of steps and ducking

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  1. Smelling you guys, Corps of ReDiscovery stayed at the source of the Missouri in 3 Forks. Headed to Missoula past Beaverhead Mt. via Wisdom. Enjoy the mountains and the crisp clear waters there. If I remember Montana had the biggest pancakes and cinnamon rolls on our trail.

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