Day 64: Bad road to a nice town

Chuck at the Exxon station suggested Cafe 191 but when we saw the prices, we got sticker shock. $17 for a basic egg breakfast! That’s ski resort pricing I guess. We politely left and reluctantly ate at the gas station.

Highway 191 was the worst road of this trip. It made San Marcos Pass seem safe and relaxed. Luckily near the end of we found Cottonwood road for the final 15 miles into Bozeman. Brent got a new air mattress at REI and I got some electrolyte tablets.

I called my coworker Daniel who lived in Bozeman last winter and he recommended Sidewall for a pizza. We loved the pizza and had a good chat with Keenan, our waiter who has a new business making custom bike bags. The restaurant and ~10 other shops used a repurposed Emerson School building built in the 1920s. It reminded me of Dolores School where I went to 4-6th grade in the 1970s in Santa Barbara.

After striking out with 4 WarmShowers hosts, we narrowed it down to $200 motel or “stealth camping” in Glen Lake Park or Walmart with the RVs. The vote was 2 out of 3 for Walmart. This is a first for all of us. the skies opened and poured rain and winds followed right when we were setting up our tents. All part of the adventure.

The Gallatin River next to the scary highway 191
Downtown Bozeman
Repurposed 1920s school building
Pizza in the school building
Locals call this Bozeman beach. Aka Glen Lake Park

Summary: we rode 60 miles from Red Cliff campground to Bozeman on Highway 191 and Cottonwood road.

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