Day 63: Montana

We said goodbye to Andreas and rode into the village of West Yellowstone for breakfast at Old Town Cafe. Across the street Steve and Brent met Paul, the proud owner of his customized Harley.

The ride up highway 191 was scenic but unfortunately full of big trucks and had a narrow shoulder. We stopped at a trailhead and ate lunch under a shade tree. A funny little outgoing 5 year old girl with a mermaid shirt came and sat down next to Brent while he was eating his peanut butter on a bagel. She proceeded to tell him about her nickname and her other sister and brother. It was a cute/funny scene.

We chose Red Cliff campground and set up camp and Joe, the host, recommended River House for dinner. Indeed it was tasty and a deal at only $7.

We met Daniel and he told us about a music festival in the town park. They are called Southern Avenue from Memphis was a fun band to listen and dance to. She reminded me of Tina Turner.

Tasty breakfast with Idaho hash browns
Steve and Brent admired Paul’s customized Harley
Nice views on 191 but bad traffic
Music festival in town square of Big Sky
Stream at campsite
Having fun with time lapse feature
We bathed a bit near camp

Summary: we rode 64 miles from Madison Campground to Red Cliff Campground near the town of Big Sky, Montana out the west entrance road and highway 191 north.

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