Day 62: Waterfalls!

Who DOESN’T like waterfalls?

We said goodbye to Scott as he headed down to Grand Tetons National Park. I look forward to see you in Santa Barbara some day.

We are almost regulars at the cafe in Fishing Bridge General Store (we’ve eaten there three times). We talked with a ranger there and confirmed they would not let us ride the new northern road that they have not paved yet so we decided to go out the west gate. On the way around the top of the loop we saw bison on the road and in the meadows and stopped 3 times to see the lower and upper falls of the Yellowstone Grand Canyon. As my friend Stephen says “stunning”.

We chose Madison campground for the night. We finally met up with Andreas. Andreas is from Frankfurt, Germany riding a similar route and he stayed at Tom & Geri’s place in Council Bluffs the day after we left.

Summary: we rode 44 miles from Bridge Bay campground to Madison campground via the northern segment of Yellowstone loop thru Canyon, Norris, etc.

5 Replies to “Day 62: Waterfalls!”

  1. Wow! That is stunning! Bison always reminds of a joke related to the brummie accent, where I’m from. It goes – what’s the difference between a buffalo and a bison? Answer – you can’t wash you hands in a buffalo ????. I’ll explain it when you’re back.

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