Day 57: Now my longest tour

The ride to Cody is a short one and we arrived before noon. Cody was mostly created by Buffalo Bill as a tourist attraction back in 1895. Signs say he was the most famous American of his day.

We took a look at the Ponderosa Campground but their tent sites were either right near the highway or down in a deep and dry canyon so we went down the road and decided on the Parkway RV park.

While eating lunch at Bubba’s BBQ, we had an interesting chat with our waitress Diane. She moved here from Hawaii with her husband only 6 weeks ago. I asked her why, and she explained that they got tired of riding their Harley around in circles and wanted more space. She also explained the motorcycle wave of 2 fingers down means “keep the rubber side down”. (and shiny side up).

Since I’ve never been to a rodeo I figured this is the place to see it since they claim to be the rodeo capital of the world. It’s every night during summer. It was quite a spectacle. Needless to say, we were the only bicycles in the parking lot.

As of today, this is my longest bike tour. 37 years ago in 1985, I rode my first bike tour for 8 weeks in 6 European countries. It was my summer after college and before my first job at IBM. It was life changing in many ways because I met Karen in Germany. She was sightseeing in downtown Munich and I slipped down some stairs in a church when she asked “are you ok?”. She’s been helping me stay out of trouble ever since. See memory lane photos below.

P.S.: operation rendezvous at Lake, WY is proceeding…see location

Reminds me of Santa Barbara stagecoach era
The road to Cody
Steve with Buffalo Bill
Blending in
Steve demoing the motorcycle wave
Mountain bikes were a new thing. My 1985 Stumpjumper
Riding in Switzerland
Our first photo

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