Day 56: Where the hell is Meeteetsee?

We got a breakfast burrito at Dairyland and headed up highway 120 to the small town of Meeteetsee. It was almost as shadeless and desolate as the Sandhills of Nebraska. We stopped at a rest stop near the end and they didn’t even have a working drinking fountain. Luckily between us we had enough water and snoozed after our peanut butter lunch.

According to Wikipedia, Meeteetsee means “nearby”. Near what, I wondered. Since they told us at the gas station that they don’t allow camping in the park, we headed to Oasis RV Park. The sign said “no vacancy” but after 10 minutes the owner came out and told us it would be $25 per tent. I admit, I’m a cheapskate and the principle of per tent pricing seems unfair – it should be per site. Anyway, he gave us a discount and we setup camp.

We walked into town and went to the Cowboy Bar and got some homemade pizza and beers. One of the servers recognized Steve from 2 days earlier in Shoshoni. A local customer, Lisa, joked with me and said “sit anywhere you like” – I thought she worked there. Another local, Sharon, walked in and ordered a martini with no vermouth and lots of olive juice. The bartender said he didn’t have any olives but “how about pickle juice?”. She was willing to try it but she was pretty sure it was sweet pickle juice – yech!

Tomorrow we will go to Cody which I imagine is a lot like Solvang near my hometown. We will take a rest day there for sure.

See map screenshot below for the progress of project rendezvous with Brent.

Most locals call it Thermop
Pretty desolate
Maybe there’s shade somewhere
Don’t stop for a snack here
Just go 55 miles from Thermop
I was dead tired

Summary: we rode 55 miles from Eagles Nest RV Park in Thermopolis to Oasis RV park in Meeteetsee via highway 120.

3 Replies to “Day 56: Where the hell is Meeteetsee?”

  1. Tom and I have ridden all around those parts, Buffalo, Basin, Meeteetsee! There are some lonnggg, hot stretches. You’re doing great tho and closing in on a finish! Slow down. You don’t want it to end too fast. ????

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