Day 55: Winding through Wind River

This time we were able to dodge the morning sprinklers in Shoshoni park. We rode north on highway 20 along the shores of Boysen Lake then along the Bighorn River. It’s a majestic deep canyon and we stopped several times to savor the views. Part of this area is the Wind River Reservation.

As we were going downhill, we saw an old man with his dog in his trailer going uphill. Oof.

Before we knew it, we were in Thermopolis and we headed straight for lunch at the Black Bear Cafe (not to be confused with the Black Bear Diner). It was so hot we HAD to get some soft-serve at nearby Dairyland.

We decided on Eagles nest RV park and set up camp. I asked the campground owner “what’s the best thing about living in Thermopolis?”. Her reply was “It’s not windy like Casper”. I didn’t expect that.

We met Bill, a friendly neighbor that’s been camping for 3 months waiting for his house escrow to close. Coincidentally, he’s also a transplant from Victorville, California. As Steve said, he was easy to talk with. We talked about everything from his time in the service in the 1960s to Wyoming culture. Coincidentally, he had heart surgery by the same doctor Steve did.

We rode into downtown to have dinner and beers at the local brewery, One Eyed Buffalo.

We went through 3 tunnels, signs showed some rock formations as 250 million years old.
First tunnel
A great view from our snack stop
Partners in crime
Cooling off in Bighorn River
Don’t drink it…it’s bad!

Summary: we rode 35 miles from Shoshoni park to Eagle’s Nest in Thermopolis on Highway 20.

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  1. So as you are 55 days in, thinking back at what you’ve experienced so far on this rail trail, would you prefer that there were more planned amenities and stops for all the bike travelers or do you prefer the unknown adventure and having to wing it and figure it out each day?

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