Day 5: Rains and Trains

Cafe Mark in downtown Cumberland was our breakfast spot. The Save-a-lot was our grocery store. Talkative Tommy rode up on his e-bike with his big white beard. He told us several stories about his days as a missionary helping the prostitutes and drug addicts. Shortly after, Vice-laden Vinnie showed up mumbling and Tommy joked that he’d already been drinking. Big Bob joined in and we all chewed the fat a few more minutes.

The ride up the GAP was a mild ~2% grade for 24 miles. Part way up it started raining. We stopped a few times at some covered picnic pavilions and chatted with other trail riders. We rode thru a few cool tunnels up to the top which is the Eastern Continental Divide.

On the way down the other side we stopped in Meyersdale for a brief visit of the historical society train museum. Karen, the friendly manager gave us some local tips and suggestions.

We chose Husky Haven as our campsite and rode into Rockwood for dinner at Trailhead Brewery. Rockwood is apparently a local hub for freight train yard switching which blocked our path back to our camp and gave us a good excuse to enjoy another beer.

Warning: more photos than usual because Wi-Fi at Husky Haven is fast.

Downtown Cumberland
Left to right: Vinnie, Talkative Tommy, Big Bob
One of the several towns. Look closely to see the art climbing
One of the 3 tunnels
Tunnel near top
We rode left to right on this elevation chart
Mile sign near Cumberland
Tunnel singing
The train museum
Railroad museum in Meyersdale
Dinner at brewery
One more
Our campground

2 Replies to “Day 5: Rains and Trains”

  1. I’m enjoying these posts and pics Mike. Vinny, Tommy and Bob look like they have some interesting tales!

  2. Thanks for writing this! Day 5 is my favourite day so far: model trains, climbing art, and singing in tunnels! Also, that chart of the Eastern Continental Divide really brings it home. So now it’s downhill all the way to the Rockies?

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