Day 4: End of the C&O

We were warned about the detour at Paw Paw tunnel and for good reason. It was a 15% steep grade up a dirt and gravel road. We had to push Steve’s bike up but we made it!

Our search for a market and restaurant that was open in Paw Paw was not fruitful. Fun fact: paw-paw is an edible fruit that tastes like a cross between a banana and papaya. Wikipedia even says it has a nickname of “hipster banana” . Check out our videos of the Paw-Paw tunnel.

Our guide sheet showed food in the next town called “Oldtown” but the one cafe there was closed on Mondays. It’s in an old high school building that closed in ~2000. An upholsterer named Tom came out to chat with us and tell us all about his service in the Army cavalry in Panama. He is born and raised in nearby Cumberland. Two More bike touring guys showed up and the cafe owners husband dropped by and opened up the store for some snacks.

On our way to our destination of Cumberland we were joined for a few miles by a young lady named Nicole who gave us local tips and we encouraged her to keep up her new hobby of cycling.

Since Steve has been to Cumberland once before and paid for shower and camping permissions at the YMCA, we decided to do that again.

We heeded Vicki’s dinner recommendation and went to Baltimore street grill downtown. The Crab cake sandwiches were tasty. Tomorrow we start the next trail called the Great Allegheny Passage or “GAP”.

Today we rode 49 miles from “15 Mile Creek” to Cumberland

On the way to Cumberland
The detour we were warned about
Steep trail
The Paw-Paw tunnel is 3,118 feet long dug by hand
Since the 10 second timer on my phone wasn’t long enough I made this video instead.
Steve at the end of the detour
Relaxing in chairs at the old school in Oldtown
Green, green, and more green

Cool video from a previous day. My upload finally worked.

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