Day 6: The soggy situation and Dynamic Doug

Packing up soggy camping gear after a night of rain makes me cringe but it’s part of the gig. We didn’t see any breakfast places so we just kept pedaling until lunch at the River’s Edge cafe and B&B in Confluence.

On our way to Ohiopyle, a guy rode up behind us for a while. We nicknamed him Dynamic Doug because of his energy and positive attitude. He’s a retired police officer from a small town in Kentucky and recently moved here near mile marker 55. When he started raving about a bakery we decided to follow him to it. Unfortunately, when we got there it was closed, so we decided to get ice cream instead. He generously bought us ice cream. Thanks again Doug! We enjoyed hearing your stories about law enforcement etc. And thanks for laughing at my slightly offensive Kentucky toothbrush joke.

The town of Connellsville was our obvious destination for the night. We found the free shelters generously set up by the community especially for hikers and bikers (see photo). Gregarious Gary stopped by to chat and told us he helped organize this project and it’s been used by over 5,000 travelers from 49 states. They,re still waiting for a visitor from North Dakota.

We heeded Gary’s dinner suggestion of the Kickstand Kitchen and had a tasty quinoa salad for a change.

We watched the lightning and thunder show from the dry comfort of our tents under the shelter.

Today we rode 46 miles from Rockwood Husky Haven to Connellsville.

Trail art in Rockwood
View from one of the high bridges
Dynamic Doug from Kentucky
“The Falls” in Ohiopyle state park
Pano of falls
The free shelter
A peaceful stream
Video of view from a bridge

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  1. “If you didn’t get a little wet crossing the river you might have crossed it, but you didn’t experience it.”
    ? Craig D. Lounsbrough

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