Day 36: Goodbye Iowa, you were good to us!

We decided it would be better to eat breakfast at the gas station instead of riding 20 miles to a town with a restaurant. We were loitering/eating under a “no loitering” sign when Rodney drove up in his orange company pickup truck. He works for the Iowa DOT. We started out asking him about DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) and we ended up talking about retirement plans and our route. It was a nice chat.

We rode into the city of Council Bluff, our last city in Iowa. We had to get supplies at Target and Dick’s sporting goods but after that we had time to ride around the bike paths of the city and along the banks of the Missouri River.

Geri and Tom were our hosts and Geri even gave us a ride to their home because it was outside of town. Their location on the WarmShowers map was incorrect.

Coincidentally, Geri is going riding with Jeff and team Love Shack that we met a few days ago. Small world!

Tom and Geri cooked us a delicious steak dinner and we watched the sunset from their patio. We shared photos and stories galore. Thanks for all your generosity and memories.

Tomorrow we will ride into Nebraska, and I’m a little anxious that I will have a hard time with the 600+ miles but that’s part of the adventure.

This looks like it took a long time to make
New path instead of riding the railroad highway
Functional yard art!
This made me smile
Our hosts Geri and Tom

Summary: we rode 53 miles from Arrowhead park to Council Bluffs on railroad highway, highway 92 to Target, and a tour of trails around Council Bluffs. Geri picked us up from from the bar to drive us to their house.

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