Day 37: Hello Nebraska

Steve put on new handlebar tape and washed his bike while I finished up laundry. Tom was nice enough to give us a ride from their house to the beginning of the west Papio trail. I just didn’t want to ride through downtown Omaha.

We saw lots of Saturday riders on the bike trail out of Omaha. Several miles of gravel roads, the heat and humidity tired us out so we both took a snooze on a shaded covering on the bridge over the Platte river.

Grandpa’s Woods golf course in the middle of nowhere was a welcome oasis with ice cold beers and pulled pork sandwiches for our dinner. We had a nice chat with Jake, the 6th generation owner. His ancestor got the property in the homestead act in the 1860s. Amazing!

I took a break on their shady patio to call my father-in-law and wish him a happy 95th birthday. Double amazing!

Since there were no campgrounds nearby, we settled in a secluded part of the trail. Goodnight Nebraska.

Thanks Tom for giving us a ride and tour of Omaha
I like old trucks AND fountains
Johnny Walker was a rescue dog and a little leary of us
Welcome to Nebraska
Plate river pano
Airboat on the Platte since it’s so shallow
Nap attack on the bridge over Platte river
Golf course owner Jake and his dog Luna

Summary: We rode 42 miles from outside Omaha on west Papio trail to Elmwood Nebraska on gravel roads and MoPac trail.

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  1. Hi guys, I’m sure enjoying this vicarious expedition– it’s highly unlikely that I’d go out of my way to visit middlemurka again, so your travelogue and photos are most appreciated. Question: What air mattresses are you using and do you recommend them for comfort and durability (alternately did they break your heart?) Thanks again and happy trails.

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