Day 35: Rain ‘n Rollers

After our inconsiderate neighbor played his TV most of the night, we woke up a little late and groggy to some rain. We rode into downtown to get breakfast at Family Table Restaurant in Atlantic. Our waitress Alissa said the best thing about living in Atlantic was that the community would help those in need. She also said 3 of her former school principals were regular customers.

Steve was talking with four older gentlemen at another table. I went to join him and they asked us to sign our cards. I jokingly asked them if they would sell them on eBay and they said “what’s eBay?”. Since they laughed at that, I told them my ROMEO acronym. It stands for Real Old Men Eating Out. They laughed and said “I like that – we’ll remember that one”.

Since it was raining, I went to get my remaining hair cut at Lonny’s place.

When the rain finally stopped about 11am, we started our ride to Neola via highway 83. The tiny town of Walnut was our lunch stop. Karen and Ken, on their RV road trip from Cincinnati, stopped for a chat. Karen called us “Bad Ass” and we ended up eating lunch next to them in the B&L diner. Ken told us of his recent heart attack and near death experience.

101 rollers later, through farmland, we reached Arrowhead campground near Neola and cooked our pasta and planned tomorrow’s route.

After haircut in downtown Atlantic
Lunch in tiny town of Walnut
Yard art looks like a diarama
Grocery stop in Minden
Molly, our neighbor’s friendly dog (sorry I forgot to wipe the mist off the lense)

Summary: we rode 38 miles from Sunnyside campground it Atlantic to Arrowhead campground near Neola via mostly uncrowned highway 83.

2 Replies to “Day 35: Rain ‘n Rollers”

  1. OH! How I would like to have joined you. (Providing you would’ve permitted me) Since being struck from behind by a car traveling at 50/60mph, relegated riding to a recumbent (no balance) & much slower speed. After having riden 18 RAGBRAI’s in row, Nebraska 3 times & Tennessee, I really miss rides. Thanks so much for writing the log. Really enjoy articles about riding & tours, especially those about Iowa w/ Southern corner tops. Keep on pedaling and writing logs. GREAT!
    T Hayes, Atlantic

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