Day 22: Escorted out of town (in a good way)

Janae and Conrad rode to our campground with another one of their club members, Goldie, to join us on our “escorted” ride west on the I&M canal path (Illinois & Michigan canal). We rode to the town of Morris and ate breakfast at Weit’s cafe. On the way, Goldie entertained us with his stories that only a 80 year old guy has. I hope I ride as strong as he does when I’m 80.

We only got to spend a day or so with these guys/gal but it was fun. Thanks for all the hospitality and laughs!

Steve and I continued onto the small town of Marseilles where we se up camp at the Illini State Park. According to Wikipedia, in 1921 Nabisco had a big (at the time) building here to build boxes. It closed in 2002.

Tomorrow we’re taking a rest day and it forecast calls for rain so that makes sense.

We rode 49 miles (I forgot to press my “start” button) from Martin’s loud interstate campground in Joliet to peaceful Illini State Park in Marseilles on some city streets but mostly the I&M canal path.

L-R: Goldie, me, Steve, Janae, and Conrad at Weit’s cafe
Typical scene
First time I’ve seen an official sign like this. Ha ha

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  1. Love the GPS is not working… NO SEMI’s sign! I wonder how times I rode by that sign and didn’t read it?!

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