Day 21: Janae & Conrad

We left the worst Motel 6 ever and rode into the train station to get there before 6am. The light traffic and cool temperature was nice. After hearing that the last stop before Chicago was Dyer, Indiana we decided to get off the train there instead because it’s closer to our desired re-starting point. Transport Tim walked up to us and we had a nice chat. He drives heavy equipment of all sorts and moves it. We encouraged him to share and teach some of his skills on YouTube.

After a few miles of highway 30, we got on the Old Plank Road trail for a relaxing ride west. I couldn’t resist an ice cream stop at the Creamery right near the trail.

Janae and Conrad came riding up behind us to chat. We told stories of our biking adventures and learned some tips for the days ahead. Janae offered her house for us to do laundry and we joined them for a tasty dinner at White Horse restaurant. Janae said it best “we feel like we’ve known each other a long time”. They arranged to escort us on our route tomorrow. Thanks Janae and Conrad, your warm welcome makes cycling a great hobby.

We rode 6 miles to the train station in Indy and 30 miles from Dyer to Martin’s Campground in Joliet on highway 30 and Old Plank Road trail.

The stop before Chicago was closer to the re-start of our route
Much better now
Nice sign
Made in the shade
I feel young again
Perfect day for soft serve ice cream
Cool bridge on the trail
Lemonade stand and Bernese Mountain dog puppy named “Arrow”
Nap to get caught up

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