Day 20: All In The Family

We woke up early trying to beat the heat and get to the hardware store by noon. The route through Indianapolis was long and confusing. At one point , google maps routed us to the Nickel Plate trail which seemingly didn’t yet exist this far north. We eventually joined it and it looked new and nice with lots of walkers and cyclists early in the morning.

Ray and Brad welcomed us to their store and we had a good chat about our trip and the family history of the store. The easiest way for me to describe it is that Ray and I have the same great grandfather i.e. Bernard Suding. Ray’s grandfather Henry Suding started the store in 1932 so it’s celebrating its 90th anniversary. Wow! That’s rare these days. Ray showed us the expansions over the years. It’s a classic mom and pop hardware store with local connections. Ray pointed out Henry’s old house just down the road.

As we were chit-chatting, Steve fell for the old quarter on the floor trick (Ray had it welded to a bolt and fastened to the floorboard) Ray even told us of a persistent customer who broke his knife trying to pry it up. Brad suggested Greiner’s deli nearby and it certainly hit the spot. My dad would like that we stopped by to visit our relatives in his hometown.

We bought some train tickets to Chicago and got a room at the Motel 6 as close as we could (near the truck stop). One way to look at it is, we traded some east-west miles for north-south miles. We will continue from Chicago Heights on our original route.

Summary: We rode 49 miles from White River campground near Cicero to South Indianapolis and downtown near Lucas Oil stadium on the Nickel Plate Trail and major roads.

Crazy yard art in Indy
Ray Bauman, his son Brad, and I
Colorful mural on side of store. Park is nearby
My great grandfather Bernard’s family. Louis is my grandfather, Henry started the store
Checking out the store
Store in 1936
News clipping
I think this is my dad’s 22nd birthday. Ray’s thinks his dad is in upper right
Lunch at Greiner’s SubShop. Mmm

4 Replies to “Day 20: All In The Family”

  1. Regarding your windmill problem: I got a rotation of 5.6 seconds, circumference of 628.1′, which gives us the tip speed of 76.5 MPH. But I got something for you to mull over on tomorrow’s ride: calculate the wind speed at the tip, assuming the windmill is facing directly into a 10MPH wind. I don’t think it’s going to be 86.5 MPH, but I don’t know what it is.

  2. I am SO HAPPY that you got to visit SUDING Hardware!!! YAY! What a treat!
    I assume you told him about working at Learned’s Hardware back in the day? 🙂
    SO love the pic of your Dad! <3 <3 <3

  3. How cool! Does anyone know where the 22nd birthday party was held? Would Grandma Mary know? Because I think they were married by then (in August 1950 at St Elizabeth’s Catholic Church in Altadena) and Louis and Elizabeth had moved to Altadena… according to a newspaper clipping…

    Was the birthday party in California, or back in Indianapolis?

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