Day 23: A rest day

Since it was raining this morning we hid in our tents for a few hours until I couldn’t stand it. We took a slight break in the rain and rode across the river to Marseilles Family restaurant for breakfast, Tina served us umpteen coffees and taught us how the locals pronounce the town name. Hint: it’s not the French way. Most of the drizzly day we hung around the campsite.

Fun fact: I was wondering how the Chicago Bears got their name. Apparently the Chicago Cubs back in 1907 changed their name from Chicago White Stockings to the Cubs because a reporter kept mentioning their team was young and inexperienced like bear cubs. Since football team names are sometimes based on the baseball team names, they chose the Bears. Link. Summarized for brevity

After watching too many YouTube videos, we rode into town again and got some ice cream and groceries.

We rode 1049 miles on our route so far so we’re past the quarter way. So far so good.

Very long barge on Illinois River
Waiting for ice cream
I thought this sign was interesting

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