Day 2 and 3: The Long Ride to Vancouver, BC

There’s not a whole lot to say and we really haven’t said a whole lot. Of the 33 hour train ride from Santa Barbara to Seattle, we’ve spent about 1/3 of it sleeping, 1/3 reading, and 1/3 just sitting. Lots of sitting. In fact, I’m positively ready to stand.  I read a really worthwhile book. We shared a really great Snickers bar. The train dinner was not as good, but also not so bad.

As for the landscapes, we’ve been enthralled. The pictures will speak for themselves.

– Jax

We have enjoyed the thoroughly relaxing train ride, with its five feet of leg room, infinite carry-on space, seat rests like you can’t believe, and reclining seat backs that don’t even begin to impinge on the passengers behind us. With this kind of personal space, we hardly noticed that the business class cabin was fully occupied at some times. We enjoyed the observation car and the diner, but mostly sat in the luxury of our own personal seats. I’m itching to ride.

Still ahead of us is a transfer to a bus from Seattle to Vancouver, where we’ll lodge in a Backpacker’s Hostel.


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