Day 1: not so fast, wise guy!

Packing proved more tedious than expected. We arrived at the train station too late for grace. Not to be denied the start of a vacation, we went on a relaxing tour of the greater Goleta loop on a beautiful sunny June day. Tomorrow, we will be sure to arrive at the train station on time. Having already checked our bicycle, we will enjoy the only remaining business class seats available.

– Steve
It was inevitable. In fact, I’ve never NOT run to catch my train. Unfortunately, our last minute tendencies have finally been punished. The train was not caught. The trip has not yet begun. But the vacation is in ful-tilt (see photo below for evidence). Here’s to one more cozy night of sleep in a bed and getting to the train station an hour in advance tomorrow.

– Jax

Steve at MSpecial Brewery in Goleta

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