Day 13: Storm Aftermath Continues

Our plan of camping on the trail worked out – we had no visitors. Our first stop was Mount Vernon. I had fun riding a residential red brick road for several blocks. It was quite wavy. We ate on the patio of a fancy cafe downtown. When I say “fancy”, I mean they had avocado toast.

It’s hot and muggy that only a Midwest summer day can get and technically it’s not even summer yet.

We were not able to ride on the trail so we rode on highway 36. We kept trying the trail to see if it was blocked by fallen trees. It seems to be getting better. Steve briefly talked with a trail volunteer that said they are working on getting it cleared.

We decided to eat an early dinner in Sunbury. The salad was a welcome change. We rode on towards our campground, Alum Creek State park. It’s huge and all around a reservoir and took us a while to find the camping entrance.

Not that eventful of a day – we just rode.

We rode 54 miles from Danville to Alum Creek State park along highway 36 and some trails.

A funny dog fountain in Mount Vernon
One of the rail trails clear enough to get through
Town Square in Mount Vernon
A monument for every reason
Sunbury town square

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  1. Mike and Steve. This is from Dick and Linda. We have been following your journey and keeping you in prayer. You both are amazing. If you ever need anything or want to call.. 330/447/6587. With love from us

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