Day 12: Storm Aftermath

After a good long chat and coffee with Tim, we pedaled to Fredericksburg and ate pizza for breakfast. We met several bikers that said the trail was blocked by some blown over trees. Clearing the first 50 branches and trees to push on was fun, but that got old fast. We saw thousands of trees that were uprooted or broken by the the time the day was done.

Mexican food in Millersburg wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Most towns here end in “ville” or “burg” . I think they should name a town “Burgville”.

We bailed on tree clearing and rode into Danville on the road. When we found out the two nearby campgrounds were closed because of the storm, we decided to just camp on the trail between two tree blockages. Brilliant idea Steve!

We rode 51 miles from Orville to Danville on tree blocked trails and highway 62.

Thanks Tim and Cindy!
Pizza was the only food that day in Fredericksburg
Some trees were easy to go under or over…
Some were not
More Yard art
Some towns have fancy signs
Trail sign
it’s Amish country
Yard art in my book
Covered bridge

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