Day 14: Hot Summer Day

Lauren at Scrambles gave us a good breakfast and wished us well on our ride. A local rider (also named Steve) escorted us on his new bike that he got at his employer, Roll Bicycles. He was proud to say that 90% of his commuting and errands were on this bike path.

This route into and through Columbus was the nicest path I’ve ever ridden into a city. It was hot so we looked for every opportunity to cool off including riding thru a fountain downtown.

Emily at Emilio’s on the south side of the city gave us a tasty sub and salad and 2 pitchers of ice tea to hydrate with. I couldn’t resist a swim in nearby Darby Creek to cool off.

The small town of London was our destination because it has a nice, free campsite for riders. After our dinner at Ronetti’s, Dave, one of the volunteers, stopped by and talked our ear off. He is from Mississippi originally but moved here after meeting and getting married while working at the FBI fingerprinting office in D.C.

Richard, from Scotland rolled into camp just before 9 and joined us.

We rode 60 miles from Alum Creek State park thru Columbus to London mostly on trails.

We were impressed by the several “glue laminated” bridges
Sign on trail thru Columbus
Cool boardwalk
Downtown Columbus
Riding thru the fountain downtown
Cooling off in Darby creek
Trail leaving Columbus
Trail art
City hall in London
Sign at our campsite

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  1. Such a coincidence! On the same day that someone named Lauren made you breakfast, you rode to London!!! And you met someone from Scotland! What are the odds? It’s been abnormally hot here in jolly ol’ England, too, so I might try riding my bike through a fountain today 🙂

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