Bright lights big city

We finally arrived in Seattle last night at midnight. We’re glad to be off the train. We met an interesting couple and read their bike manifesto. read at your own risk. We found the Moore hotel and luckily there was a Nitelite bar next door to provide a nitecap. We just fueled up at this breakfast cafe and were going to do as much of Brent’s itinerary as possible.



3 Replies to “Bright lights big city”

  1. Hey there . . . . I like the pic of you (Michael) & your bro, Steve along with all your gear looking quite fresh and raring to go. The snapshot of ferris wheel skyline reminds me of the Santa Monica pier . Did you really leave So. Cal. ? Well you boys have a good ride and we shall catch you all later . Be safe !

    Cheers, L.

  2. What is a Brent, and what’s his itinerary? Oh, and bigger photos would be great. (What, do you pay by the pixel?)

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