Brent’s tour de Seattle

After yesterday’s good breakfast at the Pike Street Market. Bob got the first mechanical of the trip. His chain got jammed between the spokes and freewheel. i called it a “chain wedgie”. Brent lead us on a nice waterfront bike path past the cruise ships. We saw the famous “fish ladder” that salmon and other fish use to return from Puget sound to union lake. We had lunch at Hales ales. We continued north to a woodsie park called Carkeek park (funny name). We glided back down Stone Way and crossed over the stuck Fremont street bridge. We cleaned up and enjoyed a nice dinner with Linda at Dahlia Lounge”. We all agreed it had a “fru fru” factor of 8. We are headed out of town for a hopeful 90 miles to Alder lake.

I will do better on the GPS tracking app today.










3 Replies to “Brent’s tour de Seattle”

  1. All right! You guys rode right through my brother’s neighborhood: greenlake. Looks like you’re having a blast. Thanks for the updates, and safe riding!

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