Mike’s packing list and weight (bike+packs)

Packing list for bike trip Seattle to San Francisco
Weight: We weighed it on Saturday. My bike is 33 lbs with just racks, light,toolbag plus my packs are 37 lbs for a total of 70 lbs

bike shoes
walking shoes
shower slippers for fungus protection
3 pairs of socks
2 underwear
2 bike shorts
1 bike tights
1 rain pants
1 convertible pants
2 jerseys (SB and solvang)
2 T-shirts (charged cotton)
2 Under Armour long sleeve shirts
yellow windbreaker
Tyvek rain jacket
clothes line (rope) & clothes clips (metal office clips not wood)
tent (& footprint)
air mattress
sleeping bag (35 degrees 8 liters packed)
small flashlight
bike light (nite flux) and rear blinker
wall charger for nite flux
swiss army knife (can opener & corkscrew)
knife (eating)
spoon, fork
bowl (silicon collapsible)
metal Cooking pot for water/soup etc
Metal cup for drinking/cooking
soup for emergency meal
soap (liquid body/dishes)
thermometer (on zipper)
gloves (biking and cold biking)
hat (beanie)
iPad wall charger
Solar charger (with 3 cables (white to charge it, black to charge others, and all 5 connectors)
mini-tripod flexible
coffee powder sticks

2 tubes, irons, multi-tool, 15mm wrench, pump
4 spokes (just in case)
maybe spoke wrench
lock + cable
helmet (of course)

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  1. Hi Mike, Way to go, enjoy each gruelling minute and every glorius moment. Malia and I did the Virginia to Atlanta, Georgia for the Olympics a while back………. your trip takes us back to those exciting times. My buddy and I did the Ragbrai in Iowa last summer , Missouri River to Miss. River. About 75 miles a day for 7 days, riding with 25,000 people. Still makes my head swim thinking about it. Bob Basche

    1. Hi Bob, thanks for the comment. So many rides, so little time. We will be sure to savor this ride. Sometimes while riding we often think/plan for the next ride.

  2. I am so impressed by you both! SBMS alum dads embarking on a super cycling adventure. Have a nice train ride!! Buon viaggio!

  3. Hi Mike,

    great to see that you are also in this kind of stuff. Me and my friend had a very nice trip through the Alps earlier this year, 7 days, all day riding, eating, sleeping and nothing else. Admittedly we traveled a bit lighter than you having to crawl up to the high passes, but we also did the full camping trip, carrying around tent and cooking gear. We actually replicated a trip we did 20 years ago, just to see whether we “can still do it” 😉 (and admittedly we cheated on the gear this time reducing pounds by means of money for expensive lightweight gear 😉
    But your 900 miles sounds really like a long ride … so should you ever come over to Europe we shouldn’t miss the chance to have a ride together.

    So enjoy this epic trip!


  4. But where is Toto and the ax? Don’t tell me you forgot the Ax!! Sounds amazing and did not tell you more spots in Portland thinking you would figure it out with the energy you had with the 2 day epic ride from Seattle!! Wish I could do what your doing, someday!!

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