Our schedule & plan

We leave on the Amtrak train from Santa Barbara tomorrow (July 11) at noon and arrive in Seattle 36 hours later. That’s a long time, but I have movies and books on my iPad and we can walk around. The big ride starts Saturday morning so we have all day Friday to relax and rest if needed.

We will be using the famous maps made especially for cyclists by “Adventure Cycling Association” at www.AdventureCycling.org.  Unfortunately they only seem to have paper (waterproof), but not for the computer. I took photos of them on the iPad in case they get lost or blown away in the wind.

As you may notice from the packing list we have an iPad, iPhone etc and a solar charger made by www.SolarJoos.com to keep everything charged up.

Most meals we will eat at restaurants but sometimes by getting stuff at a grocery store and we have an emergency can of soup just in case.

We will start with the famous annual ride called “Seattle to Portland” with 10,000 riders. We will ride 90 miles the first day and camp at a community college in Centralia with hundreds of other riders. Day 2 we will ride the remaining 90 miles to Portland.

Our total ride to San Francisco is ~900 miles (we will report exact mileage at the end). We will probably ride 50-60 days per day with maybe 1-2 days off.

4 Replies to “Our schedule & plan”

  1. Good luck guys! What an undertaking! And for those who can’t find the “Follow” button, they did their best to hide it but it’s at the very bottom right-hand side of the page.

  2. Omigod. You guys could be twins. Except one of you has a trailer.

    Now, I don’t know much about how you have worked out the shared items, but that trailer looks pretty tempting. I’m thinking that as you buy cans of Chef-Bo-Ardee and, well, I’d put them on the trailer.

    More details please.


    1. That trailer Steve has in photo was on our Salinas to Santa Barbara trip last year. He won’t be using it on this trip. Maybe when we go across the USA next decade.

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