Getting to Portlandia

We met a nice fellow at the Amtrak breakfast table named Peter Hoss. He’s a retired lawyer and recently wrote a book “Born in Yosemite “. Of course I asked him his best lawyer joke (but I can’t repeat it). We finally arrived in Portland at 3:30pm and checked into our hotel. I wanted to show my comrades the “Uber” taxi alternative but they surprisingly don’t have it here yet.

We rode the tram to downtown To get some final items at REI including my very first flint fire starter (just like Bear Gryll’s has). We enjoyed 3 breweries (Bridgeport, Rogue, and Deschutes). The beers here are amazing. After Drew drank half his chipotle beer, the waiter poured in some chocolate mole transforming it into instant “dessert beer”.

We are back on the train today (Amtrak’s Empire Builder) to the town of East Glacier.

Finally off the train (until tomorrow)
Napping in a tent at REI
Primo bike
Dinner at Bridgeport brewery
Cool wood carvings at brewery