Day 9: Hot Rods, Pay Ponds, and Yaks

We talked with Jake and his son Jake Jr. in the morning. It’s Juniors first bike packing trip. We continued onto the next trail called the Panhandle Trail and got breakfast at Walden’s family restaurant in Burgettesville. We had a nice chat with Penny, the owner about how she started the restaurant.

We rode into Steubenville Ohio (Dean Martin’s home town), across the slightly scary Market Street bridge. It’s one of those steel mesh roadbeds that makes your wheels wander a bit so you have to resist any sudden movements and braking.

While taking a break on the side of the road, Shuffling Shirley shuffled out to say hi. She grew up in Bloomingdale and she said Clark Gable’s hometown.

We stopped for lunch at a hot rod show and Annie came over to visit. When we told her our route and lack of camping choices, she contacted her friend Emily and Paul and arranged for us to camp at their Yak ranch.

We relaxed at the “pay pond” next door. About 50 people pay $50 each to fish in this pond (former reservoir) stocked with all sorts of fish and winners get a big portion of the fees. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Phil showed us two baby yaks born today and we also pet one of the other adults. They comb out the fur and sell it.

The title makes sense now…right?

We rode 50 miles from Boggs campsite to Phil & Emily’s ranch on Montour Trail, Panhandle trail and bike route 50 (aka highway 22)

Boggs campsite
Beginning of Panhandle trail
Random yard art
Steubenville is recovering slowly
Cycle route sign
The “pay pond”
Steve petting Daisy
Momma and one of the new babies
Some of the herd
Camping in their back yard

11 Replies to “Day 9: Hot Rods, Pay Ponds, and Yaks”

  1. I sure hope that double swing was part of the Boggs campsite and you’re not dragging it all the way across the country.

  2. Glad you had a great visit to the Yak Ranch. A unique addition to an adventure! Glad to meet you and glad I could help with getting you a ‘campsite’! — local to Steubenville, Annie!

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