Day 8: Bicycle Heaven

We left the comfort of the Holiday Inn and got a nice breakfast at O’Leary’s on Carson Street on the south side.I noticed a bolt was missing from my pannier so we got that fixed at Golden Triangle bike shop along with tightening up Steve’s leather saddle.

We rode by the famous Pittsburgh fountain which was a great viewpoint for the three rivers of Pittsburgh. We then meandered to the north side and went to the Bicycle Heaven private museum with over 3,000 vintage bikes. This place is amazing! I’ve never seen so many bikes and parts in one place. see photos.

Steve got his haircut at Dave’s Barber shop while I talked with Dante outside. He went to high school at Fairfax High near Los Angeles.

It took us a while to ride out of the city and start the next trail, The Montour trail. Lucky for us there was a campsite just about when we were tired. Steve talked with Rob and his son Carter while I napped a bit.

We rode 27 miles from Pittsburgh to Boggs campsite.

Getting our bikes fixed
3 rivers point
I didn’t really watch him but I remember him
The Equivalent of Schwinn Sting Ray in UK
Kinda rare
Never caught on
Space frame design
Made in the town of Ashtabula Ohio
A rainbow of forks
Before haircut
Trail side campsite

3 Replies to “Day 8: Bicycle Heaven”

  1. Hi there Ready Riders (Michael & Steve) , You sure have your routes picked out with all the sites to see. I like the bicycle museum with the Captain Kangaroo. Fun fun fun. You go guys. I like Steve’s new hairdo. Way to go. Be safe y’all !!!!!

    ??, Lyneee


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