Day 88: Pronounce it “Skwim” …but it’s spelled “Sequim”

My expectations are really high for the Olympic Discovery Trail but it seems like it’s more of a “route” than a separate dedicated trail with many sections being regular roads.

When our stomachs growled for breakfast we looked on the map and saw the Fireside Restaurant. It was a little too fancy for us (cloth napkins) but I liked the buckwheat pancakes.

Our route took us through some back roads which was a nice break from traffic. It’s amazing that 101 freeway comes up this far north.

Bob got us a campsite at Sequim and road the opposite way to meet us and escort us to our camp. We decided on a mexican restaurant for dinner. Tomorrow is a long day so we better get some rest.

View near our campsite
Funny mailbox
Port Ludlow view from breakfast
Hood Canal bridge
Primo section of Discovery Trail

4 Replies to “Day 88: Pronounce it “Skwim” …but it’s spelled “Sequim””

  1. I’ve enjoyed your daily posts and am kind of sad they will be ending soon. Could you please turn around and go back across the country?

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