Day 87: BBQ burgers, beans, and beers with Bellingham Bob

The 19 mile ride from Linda’s house in Issaquah to the ferry terminal in downtown Seattle was nice in that most was on trails but the signage and routing was a bit complex.

We met a cyclist named Patrick at the ferry and I noticed he had the same bike I had. That’s a first. He was going to visit his parents on Bainbridge island. He suggested Streamliner cafe when we arrived. Thanks Patrick – it was tasty.

We rode north to our chosen campground called Kitsap State Park but we had to stop at the apple cider stand near camp. Mmmm.

Bellingham Bob was already set up in site #33 to welcome us. We had a good reunion with lots of fun stories.

Nice portion of I-90 trail to downtown
The weather on the ferry ride was nice
Arriving at Bainbridge Island
Riding to Kitsap
A refreshing apple cider stop
Good friends
Getting caught up
Bob’s car has lots of room for stuff

One Reply to “Day 87: BBQ burgers, beans, and beers with Bellingham Bob”

  1. A skillet full of beans would make for a musical evening around the campfire! You guys are rockin’ it baby! Almost there!!

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