Day 75: Say Hiawatha

Finally we get to ride the Hiawatha trail. Andreas joined us.

It’s an interesting backstory too. The railroad company chose that name because of a Longfellow poem. He ran so swiftly that the arrow he shot into the air landed behind him. See photo of sign.

It’s a 16 mile ride downhill and then you can ride back up, or they have a shuttle back up for $16. We rode up. The first tunnel was the longest at 1.7 miles long. It’s the longest tunnel I have been in for sure.

There are ~40 signs with some interesting backstories. Bottom line the company was a failure in part because of this westward expansion (see photo).

We decided to stretch our riding day and ride to the town of Wallace because a few people said it was cool. Indeed downtown is full of interesting old buildings. We rode I-90 from Hiawatha but hopped off and found the paved Trail of Coeur d’Alene (often abbreviated CDA).

We are in Idaho now.

View from one of the dozen bridges
Some tunnels
Washing/cooling off after the ride
Sign showing the ride
Lots of marketing behind this railroad
The cold truth of financial failure
Why they chose the name Hiawatha
Enjoying the cool water
I loved the views from the many bridges
Seeing the treetops was cool
We are in Idaho now!

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  1. Spectacular scenery out there! Enjoy. My mother-in-law was born in Osburn, ID, about 44 miles back toward MT on I-90. Her dad worked in a nearby silver mine.

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