Day 74: One way or the other…

Tallie at Durango cafe fed us a superior breakfast in the small town of Superior. We stopped in St Regis for lunch and got some cherries. We ran into Andreas again so he joined us.

We talked with local cyclist, Julie, that told us we wouldn’t be able to take the dirt road and would need to ride I-90 for a few miles. Bummer.

We talked with some Canadian cyclists for the first time coming the other way. They told us the condition of our upcoming “Route of the Olympian” but oddly didn’t mention anything about a creek crossing. Oh well, my wet shoes dried pretty quickly in this hot weather.

We chose the 50,000 Silver Dollar RV Park (mostly a truck stop with gifts, casino, bar/cafe) for the night.

Cruising on the frontage road
Brent’s wheel wobble. Some spokes pulled thru the rim
Creek crossing
I wonder if he actually said this??
Serious consequences

Bummer…we had to ride the highway. I didn’t want to figure out who owned the right of way

Which guys are real? …At the 50,000 Silver dollar bar
Gift shop humor

5 Replies to “Day 74: One way or the other…”

  1. If you guys get a hankering for a coffee, Carelli’s drive-thru in Osburn (just past Wallace) is amazing. The owner/operator will treat you like an old friend.

    (Also note, all the natural water near Kellogg and all of the Trail of the Coere D’Alenes has heavy metals in it, to the point signs warn you not to picnic on the ground and touch the ground and touch your mouth. Stock up!)

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